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The nursing home is the basis of the whole enterprise. The first building of the nursing home was an old hotel which Mrs. Spitzlei bought in 1974 and together with her family made into the first house of „Maranatha“. Today Maranatha looks after old people and people with physical disabilities who need constant care. „Maranatha“ is specialized in dementia care. There are two buildings with residents who need intensive care, otherwise old and sometimes seriously ill residents (e.g. incurable cancer) live together in small housing groups.

Meals on wheels

„Maranatha“ has a large kitchen which caters not only for the 250 residents, but also supplies ca. 70 meals to meals on wheels customers. Meals are delivered on three different routes: one leads to „Oberwinter“, one to „Dernau“ and another one to „Oberzissen“. The meal is supplied in thermo boxes and remains its temperature for up to three hours. One meal costs € 6,50 and consists of a salad, a soup, a main course and a dessert.